Davis Lake Fire District dues

A sample of what Davis Lake Fire District customers should have received in the mail by now.


ST. CLAIR COUNTY -- Now that Davis Lake has become its own fire district, fire dues will be collected by the St. Clair County Revenue Commissioner’s Office.

Revenue Commissioner Ken Crowe said fire dues for Davis Lake will be collected the same way as ad valorem taxes.

Some time back, state Sen. Jim McClendon (R-Springville) proposed a bill allowing residents living inside the fire district to vote on the volunteer fire department becoming its own fire district.

Prior to the election June 5, the Davis Lake VFD collected its own fire dues.

Three hundred residents voted in the election, with 200 voting in favor of the change and 100 voting against it.

Crowe said the bill states fire dues will be collected through the revenue commissioner’s office.

“If you receive a bill from us, you have to pay; there are no exemptions,” Crowe said. “Fire dues were mailed out Oct. 1, and citizens have until Dec. 31 to pay them. They become delinquent Jan. 1, 2019.”

Crowe said fire dues are $150 per house per year.He said his office will collect the fire dues until Dec. 31.

“Anyone who has not paid their fire dues by Dec. 31, they will have to go to the fire district and pay their dues plus a penalty,” Crowe said.

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