Commission hears Census report

Pictured with the St. Clair County Commission are county IT employees John Myers and Glenn Morgan, census clerk Deborah Howard and Census Bureau recruiter assistant Tiffany Coleman.

ASHVILLE – The St. Clair County Commission during its regular meeting Tuesday heard an update on the 2020 U.S. census.

Census Bureau recruiter assistant Tiffany Coleman told commissioners it is always great to talk to them concerning numbers and recruiting efforts.

“We started in January of this year and we have hired a lot of people in this area,” Coleman said. “Training will start later in July and all of August. We will start validating addresses in September, and in October, we will go door-to-door counting each person living in each house.”

Coleman said it is important for all census counts to be accurate. Census officials are also attempting to recruit in rural areas of the county.

“The fear of going into each home is not present,” she said. “We need 800 applicants to help us with this census in St. Clair County. We currently have 210 who have applied and are currently going through the process of training. We have been pushing, so we still need your help to reach out and help attract people for us.”

Coleman said St. Clair County is doing great compared to some surrounding counties. 

“The lowest we pay is $13.50 per hour, and we pay 58 cents per mile,” she said. “You have to be 18 or older.”

Commission Chairman Paul Manning said it was important for Coleman to give an update on the census.

“It is so important for the future progress of St. Clair County for everyone living here to be counted,” Manning said. “The census comes once every 10 years. There are times that some cities feel like they are not being represented like they need to be. We would like for every municipality and every citizen to participate in this. The information the census gets will provide for future endeavors in this county.”

John Myers with the county IT Department said St. Clair residents can access the application for census taker by visiting the website. A link to the application is on the front page.

“We are moving forward by assisting and assuring the federal government that our addresses are correct,” Myers said. “We are working with the census to get ready for 2020.”

Deborah Howard is the St. Clair County census clerk. She said it is important to recruit additional workers.

“I’m going to give this information to some of our poll workers who are retired and looking for things to do,” Howard said. “Being that 18-year-olds can apply for this job, I’m waiting for high school to start up so I can get this information out to the high schools. We are working to recruit.”

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