Scrap tires

ST. CLAIR COUNTY -- St. Clair County engineer Dan Dahlke said a scrap tire cleanup program has been scheduled for the month of May.

This is a program the county Road Department has put together the past two to three years. Dahlke said it had been successful in the past, and department officials wanted to continue to do it.

“We feel this will be good for the community and the entire county,” Dahlke said. “It keeps these tires off the side of the roads.”

Dahlke noted that a county resident can bring a maximum of eight tires (for the month) to the county shop in Ashville any Friday in May from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The resident must bring his/her driver’s license.

“A person can make one trip and one trip only to do this,” Dahlke said.

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