ASHVILLE – The St. Clair County Commission passed a resolution Tuesday honoring longtime county employee Myrtha Roe at her retirement.

Roe spent 31 years and seven months in public service, mainly in the St. Clair County Probate Office. She started her career on Oct. 16, 1989, and was hired by Probate Judge Wallace Wyatt Jr.

A portion of the resolution states, “She won the acclaim of her fellow workers for her ability to make people laugh with her quick tongue and wit … known for her cake baking, awesome pimento cheese and her Halloween attire … has won the respect and affection from the public, serving them with a kind and generous heart … and was adopted as The Courthouse Granny for her dedication, humor and gifting of special treats and care.”

Roe said she has enjoyed her time working at the courthouse.

“I love St. Clair County and the people who live in St. Clair County,” Roe said.

In another matter, the commission changed Tina Morgan’s job title from acting administrator to county administrator after former County Administrator Laura Lawley retired Oct. 1.

The commission also changed Sandra Wolfe’s job title from acting deputy administrator to deputy administrator.

In other business, the commission;

• Approved a request from Public Transportation Director Janet Smith to promote Cletus Beard, Glenn Vaughn, Amanda Highfield and Jim Chandler from occasional employees to part-time employees;

• Approved a request from Jail Administrator Greg Watson to replace the motors in the Sally Port doors at the St. Clair County Jail in Ashville at an estimated cost of $4,500;

• Approved a request from Watson for a budget amendment to the FY19 budget for a fax line to be installed at both jails. CenturyLink will cost $65 monthly, while Windstream will cost $50 monthly;

• Approved a request from Watson for reimbursement for a training class with Meadowbrook he attended Sept. 26-27;

• Approved a request from probate office employee Rebecca Watson for emergency sick leave;

• Rescheduled various meetings and work sessions coming up in November and December;

• Approved minutes of the Sept. 25 meeting;

• Approved various travel requests; and

• Approved the payment of regular bills.

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