St. Clair County School System

The St. Clair BOE is working hard to get its staff in place for the upcoming school year.

ASHVILLE The St. Clair County school system continues to put employees in place as the new academic year draws closer.

At a special called Board of Education meeting Monday, 13 employees were hired, among other personnel actions.

New hires: Paul Hawk, Ashville High, social studies teacher; Kiesha Lynn Brooks, Ashville Middle, custodian; Melanie Denise Haynes, Eden Career Technical Center, business education; Kevin L. Self, ECTC, HVAC; Pam Darlene Tombrello, Margaret Elementary, CNP; Fredrick Demetrius Scott, Moody High, assistant principal; Daniel C. Davidson, Moody High, math teacher; April R. Nesmith, Moody High, special education teacher; Garrett Edward Dempsey, Moody Middle, special education aide; Michael Cory Williams, Ragland High, fourth-grade teacher; Kenneth L. Brown, Ragland High, special education teacher; Teresa H. Ratcliffe, Springville High, CNP; and Dana Allison Davis, Springville Middle, computer teacher.

Resignations: Donya Carroll Casey, Ashville Elementary, part-time custodian; Elizabeth Joan Cogins, BOE, special education; Courtney Danielle Crews, Margaret Elementary, special education small group setting teacher; Julie Camp Rodgers, Odenville Middle, English teacher; and Jesse Colton Morris, Ragland High, social studies teacher.

Voluntary transfers: Meghan Nicole Duren, from special education teacher at Odenville Middle to special education teacher at Ashville High; Sawyer Thomas Merritt, from social studies teacher at Odenville Middle to social studies teacher at Ragland High; and Corey Allen Young, from bus driver transport at Moody Jr. High to bus driver transport at St. Clair County High.

Change of contract: Mitchell F. Miller, from logistics/project manager in technology to systems analyst in technology.

Voluntary reassignment: Clinton C. Conner, from career tech business education at ECTC to career tech co-op at ECTC.

Supplement: Melinda A. Splawn, staff services, superintendent designee.

Summer programs: Caryle N. Hill, Springville High, access facilitator.

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