When I attended school in the 1960s and early ’70s, guns were more readily available than they are today with unlimited gun control. Yet, mass school shootings were unheard of. Why? Guns are harder to get today, so the problem runs much deeper than the availability of guns.

I submit that we live in a society where everything is about me, me, me and nothing else and no one else matters.

While my next statement will be jeered by those whose narrative this does not support, it is still the truth. Too many young people today have no moral compass to guide them in the right direction.

Furthermore, I submit that the missing compass is the absence of God and His teachings of right and wrong. It is not alright to do anything and everything to anyone at any time simply because they disagree with you or hurt your feelings in some way, usually over nothing.

Those whose only God is themselves and who live by the motto, “the ends justify the means” so long as it’s in my favor, will vehemently reject this summary of our present school situation. Of course, those who do not believe in God or His guidance do not want you to believe in God either. It’s not good enough for a liberal, leftist not to believe, but you must not be allowed to believe either.

All their methods have failed miserably, yet they keep trying them over and over with the same outcome. That is the definition of insanity. It’s easier to blame a gun instead of the person who lacks a conscience, heart or soul, which solves nothing as they could use a car, ax or bomb, ect.

They can look at this from any angle they wish, but without God’s teachings of goodness and kindness, these murders are going to continue to happen, with or without guns.

Billy E. Price