I disagree with Sen. Doug Jones about gun control. Ownership of guns is not an issue; it’s a constitutionally guaranteed right. Taking this right away from American citizens will protect no one, especially school children. A black market will spring-up where guns can still be bought, just like there is for drugs. If there is a demand for a product, someone will make it available.

If Sen. Jones wants to do something about school shootings, place armed guards at our schools. This is resistance to any shooter that may show-up and will reduce the loss of life. Anything less is nonsense and wishful thinking like the idea coming out of Pennsylvania of arming kids with baskets of rocks.

The last time I checked, rocks do not have the range of a firearm nor the velocity and impact of a lead bullet. So, get real or keep trying to wish a perfect world into existence. So far that has not worked very well.

Billy E. Price