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Riverside council passes budget, says roads a priority for coming year

Riverside City Hall

Riverside City Hall

RIVERSIDE -- The Riverside City Council has approved its budget for the coming fiscal year. The move came during the council’s regular work session and meeting Tuesday. 

The proposed General Fund will end the year with total expenses set at $237,000 compared to estimated incomes of $266,000.

The council put a great deal of emphasis for the coming year on its road budget, in order to work on progressing several roads that need paving.

“This year is going to be the year of roads,” Mayor Rusty Jessup said during the work session.

To make that happen, the council approved using $43,000 from the General Fund budget to pay for road paving . 

Those funds will be used for paving projects on Brewster Road, Frazier Road, the Margo Drive cul de sac, Lonesome Pine Road and Tomahawk Trail. 

Jessup said he believed it was important to make some sacrifices in the General Fund in order to ensure the city worked on roads.

The overall road budget comes in with expenses of $57,000 and incomes of $60,000. This fund will not only deal with pavings and repair but also debt service on the Vannick Road and River Bend Bridge projects. 

The payment in the year's budget will actually pay off the debt balance for the bridge project.

These numbers do not include the money from the Genera; Fund budget that will be used for pavings.

Overall, Jessup said he was satisfied with the budget.

“I think this is a good, very workable budget,” Jessup said. 

Jessup noted while the council did make concessions to roads in the General Fund, it did not have to make any cuts in the police, fire, and water budgets.

Jessup said there was a possibility for some salary issues, but the council feels that has been properly budgeted at this time, and any issues will be looked into as the year goes on.

Council member Jimmy Hollander said he felt the council passed a good budget. He said he really felt like getting money for roads was the most important thing.

“That's the main thing we are going to concentrate on for the next few years, to get these roads paved and fixed up,” he said. 


Taylor Mitchell, Daily Home reporter covering Pell City.