Riverside Fire Department

The Riverside Fire Department

RIVERSIDE -- A search has begun to find a new fire chief for the city after Riverside fire Chief Tim Kurzejeski was hired as the full-time fire chief for Pell City.

“This is a little different, because it is a part-time fire chief position,” said Mayor Rusty Jessup. 

Kurzejeski has served as Riverside’s fire chief since 2010 and as a firefighter for the department for 17 years. 

“We knew this was going to eventually happen,” Jessup said about Kurzejeski’s advancement in firefighting. “We hope to have him for another three to four weeks. Pell City is going to allow him to continue as a fire chief here until we find a replacement.” 

This week, the Riverside council approved a job description for the fire chief position. 

Candidates must have a minimum of 10 years of experience in firefighting and/or in emergency medical service, according to qualifications approved by the council Tuesday. 

City officials said candidates have until noon Monday, Aug. 19, to submit an application. 

Applications are available on the city’s website, or candidates can pick up an application at City Hall. 

“We will go through the applications and make a decision,” Jessup said. 

Kurzejeski said the Riverside Fire Department has eight part-time firefighters to provide 24-hour emergency fire and medical coverage for the city. He said the paid staff is backed up by volunteers. 

“There is definitely interest within the department,” Kurzejeski said. “There is quality people within the department. I am excited for the city.”

He said most of the part-time firefighters at Riverside work at other fire departments and have numerous years of experience. 

The starting pay for the fire chief is $17 an hour, and after the first year, the chief can receive up to $18.70 per hour. 

Candidates must be certified as a Firefighter 1 with the Alabama Fire College and Personnel Standards Commission, and an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic with the Alabama Department of Public Health, according to the qualifications approved by the council.