State Rep. Ron Johnson

State Rep. Ron Johnson 

SYLACAUGA -- State Rep. Ron Johnson, a Republican, easily retained his District 33 seat in the Legislature as he defeated Democratic candidate Scott Brewer by thousands of votes Tuesday.

When Johnson takes office, he will begin his 41st year in the Legislature, serving his 11th term.

The 75-year-old said he never tires of serving in his state district, working to help those in need. Johnson will tell you right off he doesn’t strive for publicity.

“I enjoy what I do and helping people. I could care less about having my picture made,” he said.

Johnson is proud of his 40 years in the Legislature, and he is eager to start the next session.

“I have friends that continue to work,” he said. “One works at the quarry and has been on the job for 52 years. The company wants him there for at least two more years. I am going to serve the people in my district, if they want to elect me to do the job.”

Johnson believes there may be two other legislators who have served longer than him in Montgomery.

“I know Alvin Holmes has been there 44 years, and I think there is another one with 45 years,” he said.

The representative’s district includes portions of three counties -- Talladega, Clay and Coosa. Johnson drew 7,274 votes in Talladega County on Tuesday compared to Brewer’s 3,897.

When talking about some of the issues the Legislature faces, Johnson insists he will seek input from residents in his district. He stresses he is not one of those legislators who doesn’t return calls or sits at his desk in Montgomery doing nothing to help his constituents.

“If someone has a problem, I listen and I will do what I can to fix their problem, even if they are not in my district. Sometimes, other legislators ask me to help them with a constituent with a problem. I want to make a difference with others,” Johnson said.

Health care is one area Johnson is knowledgeable about. He was a pharmacist and was part-owner in a medical equipment business for years in Sylacauga.

The legislator is also known for his expertise in grilling. He has grilled or smoked items for various organizations across the area.

Johnson thanked those who voted for him for his 11th term and said he will do what he can to represent the people in his district.

“Tell ’em I love them for allowing me to serve,” he said.