3 facing multiple charges

From left, Wardarius Justice Mobley, Justin Lamar Curry and Dontavis Tyrail Jamerson.

TALLADEGA -- A Talladega man is being held on more than $450,000 in bonds in the county metro jail after being charged with assault, burglary and robbery stemming from an incident in the Renfroe Community in June.

Wardarius Justice Mobley, 23, of the Johnson Hill area, was arrested by Talladega police following a car chase Thursday night. According to police Capt. Patrick Thornton, Mobley was seen running a stop sign near six points.

When he was first pulled over, he had no identification but told the officer his name was Jerome, Thornton said. He was also acting nervous, and when the officer moved around the car, Thornton said Mobley floored it, and a chase ensued.

The chase ended at 18th Street and Sloan Avenue, Thornton said, where Mobley ran up on a curb, was briefly airborne and hit a church. There was some damage to the building’s foundation, the captain added.

Mobley got out of the car and tried to flee on foot, but he was Tazed. He had a quantity of marijuana on him when he was arrested, and a Glock pistol was recovered about 10 feet away from where he was caught, Thornton said. The suspect later admitted the gun had been his, the captain said.

There were also cigarillos and a set of brass knuckles inside the car, which Mobley was also charged with having, Thornton said. The captain said there were also misdemeanor warrants with charges against  Mobley from Talladega County, Sylacauga and Munford.

Mobley is listed as a co-defendant with Justin Lamar Curry, 25, and Dontavis Tyrail Jamerson, 16 , according to Sgt. Mike Jones of the Talladega County Sheriff’s Office.

In June, according to Talladega County Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore, Mobley, Curry and Jamerson made contract with their first three victims over a social media platform of some sort, ostensibly to discuss purchasing .22 rifle.

After meeting at Ridge Lane, one of the suspects asked to take a test shot with the gun. After doing so, his companions also produced guns and turned them on the victim.

According to Capt. Bill Kennedy of the sheriff’s office, two of the three victims, males ages 18 and 15, were forced to lay on the ground while Mobley and the third victim allegedly went to neighboring homes to knock on doors.

Kennedy said at the time that both of the men on the ground ended up getting shot, with the 15-year-old going to Brookwood Baptist Health Center/Citizens Baptist Medical Center, where he was treated and released. The 18-year-old was carried to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, where he was also treated and released. Neither injury was life-threatening, Kennedy said.

Mobley allegedly found at least two neighbors who recognized the third victim and opened their doors when he came knocking. According to Kilgore, Mobley would push his way in, assault the resident and, in one case, steal a .38 pistol, a .410 shotgun, a woman’s purse and a man’s billfold, with all the relevant identification and other information inside the latter two.

A second neighbor was then pistol-whipped and robbed of a billfold, authorities said. They said after dropping off the third victim, who was not physically injured, the three suspects got into a vehicle and drove off.

A deputy spotted the vehicle a short time later, and a chase ensued. Talladega police joined in the pursuit, which finally ended in Knoxville Park, Kennedy said. Curry and Jamerson were arrested, the car was impounded and four guns, several cellphones and other potentially stolen items were recovered.

Jones said warrants for Mobley’s arrest had been issued shortly after the incident, and that Talladega police and the Talladega County Drug and Violent Crime Task Force had assisted in the search.

As of Monday, Mobley was charged with two counts of assault in the first degree and burglary in the first degree and three counts of robbery in the first degree, along with possession of marijuana in the second degree, carrying a pistol without a permit, possession of drug paraphernalia, attempting to elude, possession of brass knuckles and a raft of traffic offenses.

Jones said the bonds on the burglary charges were set at $100,000 each, and at $50,000 for the burglary and assault charges. According to Talladega County Metro Jail records, Mobley was also charged with bail jumping, a charge that carried another $100,000 bond.

Robbery in the first degree and burglary in the first degree are both class A felonies in Alabama, punishable upon conviction by 20 to 99 years or life in prison if the charge involves the use of a firearm.

Assault in the first degree with a firearm is a class B felony in Alabama, punishable upon conviction by 10 to 20 years in prison.

The remaining charges are misdemeanors.