Dan Roberts meet with Childersburg constituents, including mayor

Dan Roberts, left, the presumptive winner of state Senate seat 15, speaks with Childersburg Mayor Ken Wesson during a meet-and-greet at Renasant Bank in downtown Childersburg.


CHILDERSBURG -- Dan Roberts may be the next state senator for District 15, but he will have to wait until after the Nov. 6 general election to be sure.

Roberts was in Childersburg on Tuesday morning at a coffee and meet-and-greet at Renasant Bank.

Mayor Ken Wesson said Roberts was invited so business leaders and others in the community could meet him.

Roberts is the Republican nominee for state Senate District 15, which includes Childersburg and other areas along the Coosa River to parts of Alpine.

Roberts has no Democratic opposition, but there is always the possibility of a challenge from a write-in candidate in November.

Roberts said he has never been one to sit on the sidelines -- whether helping a neighbor, mentoring a young person, leading in multiple business arenas or enjoying his family. He said he lives and works with a deep concern for people and a focus to make life better for everyone.

State Sen. Jim McClendon, state Rep. Ron Johnson and several mayors and county officials were in attendance.

Roberts said McClendon has helped prepare him to take office after the election.

“I will work together with our legislative delegation to serve the people in my district. I’m here to serve you,” Roberts said.

Roberts said he is concerned about the future of politics in America.

He spoke of a comprehensive study on the fall of the Roman Empire by English historian Edward Gibbon. Roberts believes the five attributes that marked Rome at its end are going on today in America.

“Gibbon wrote the empire had grown weak and eventually lost its civic virtue,” he said.

Roberts spoke on the five attributes Gibbons wrote about.

“First, a mounting love of show and luxury; second, a widening gap between the very rich and the very poor; third, an obsession with sex; fourth, freakishness in the arts, masquerading as originality; and fifth, an increased desire to live off the state. Does this sound familiar?,” Roberts said. “It sounds like today.”

Roberts said there must be changes in government, and if good men and women don’t serve this country in local, state and national offices, who will.

He went on to say people must return to showing kindness to everyone instead of it being a “me” culture.

“I promise you I will do my best. I need your prayers and encouragement. Remember, I am here to serve you,” Roberts concluded. “We can make this incredible state even better.”

Also during the event, Renasant Bank recognized and presented some special gifts to Childersburg’s first responders in remembrance of 9/11.