Maddox signs

Callie Maddox (middle) signed a letter-of-intent to play volleyball at Judson on Friday afternoon.

PELL CITY -- Callie Maddox on Friday signed a letter-of-intent to play volleyball at Judson.

The signing took place during a ceremony in the Center for Education and Performing Arts building on the campus of Pell City High School.

Maddox had one other offer, but she felt like Judson was the place for her.

“It’s exciting. I am very thrilled because it is a very good environment that I am putting myself into,” Maddox said. “I think I will grow as a Christian and as an athlete.”

Maddox said the individual attention she will receive at Judson played a major role in her decision.

“It’s very small, and I have to be around a small crowd to learn more,” she said. “I will be going into medical school after that, and they have a 99 percent rate of passing the medical exam to get into med school.”

Pell City head coach Jan Smith was elated Maddox has an opportunity to continue her athletic and academic careers at Judson. Smith coached Maddox for three seasons and lauded the work ethic she displayed every time she stepped on the court.

“I have never coached anyone that has such a desire to do better,” Smith said. “She has that grit, you can’t teach that in these girls. She is a fabulous example of you may not be the best athlete in the bunch, but if you work your tail off, good things will happen. She is unbelievably great; she is a coach’s dream.”

Maddox earned an offer as a setter after having a good showing during a tryout at Judson. Maddox was one of the few players that earned a scholarship out of the 15 prospects at the tryout.

Judson head coach Cnthia White said she is excited to have Maddox as part of the volleyball program.

“We have a good team coming back, and I think she is going to be a good addition to our team,” White said.  “Having a good attitude and being a good worker is essential to play at the collegiate level.

“You have to learn how to play with a new team and manage all the other things that are going on outside of the court. I am excited to see how she fits in and what she will bring to our team.”

Smith said Judson is a getting a student-athlete who is going to be committed to excelling in everything that she does.

“You can expect her to work her tail off,” Smith said. “You can expect her to be one of the most positive encouragers on the court. She is always positive, she is always smiling. She has a fabulous attitude. More than that, she has a love to play, and she will get better.”

Maddox has played volleyball since she was in seventh grade. She was introduced to the game by her older sister and has loved it ever since.

Throughout the years, she has played on club teams in Gadsden as well as Alexandria.

Maddox said she is grateful for everyone who played a role in making this opportunity possible.

“I would like to thank my parents and my family,” Maddox said. “They are very supportive. I would like to thank my church family as well. They have always been very supportive.”