PELL CITY -- Pell City has a unique opportunity to enhance the business, cultural and entertainment opportunities as well as creating a source of income to help finance its own improvements through rentals.

Some 400 feet north of the water tower on the old mill property, there is an existing wall some 4 feet tall. It is just the correct height for a stage. Standing on the wall, looking south, the land is almost flat, having a slight rise east and west. Were we to build a band shell upon the wall, just think of the activities that it would attract: everything from the Octoberfest and concerts to car shows! It would have easy access and a large parking lot just to the east.

Band shells are simple and inexpensive with the promise of great return to the public. It might be possible to build it with public donations. It could be used for quite a while, but should it interfere with the existing master plan at some later date, it could easily be removed. Meanwhile the public would have the benefit.

However, should we choose not to add this to our city’s culture, as a last resort, we could always sell the hay!

Ben Dugger

Pell City