PELL CITY -- The City Council approved three resolutions Monday night in an effort to improve traffic flow along Alabama 34 with the construction of a roundabout near the Pell City Civic Center.

“These agreements stem from the Lakeside Park Access Study, which the city commissioned in 2016,” City Manager Brian Muenger said. “The results of this study were then presented to ALDOT (Alabama Department of Transportation) for consideration, leading to these agreements being offered.”

Muenger said it could take several years before the construction of a roundabout, but the project is moving forward with ALDOT’s approval.

“The agreements cover utilities, right-of-way (acquisition) and construction,” Muenger said.

ALDOT is responsible for design engineering costs for the estimated $2.4 million road project. Muenger said the city is responsible for $299,213 of the project cost. The bulk of the funding comes from federal dollars, about $2.1 million.

Muenger said the city’s share in the project equates to a 12.5 percent match. He said the city is responsible for construction engineering costs, which is a part of the municipality’s match.

“The city does bear the responsibility of project overruns, as has been the case with other ALDOT agreements,” Muenger said.

The city is already moving forward with two projects that will help improve access to the Civic Center and Pell City Lakeside Park and improve traffic flow along Alabama 34.

City workers are building a second access road on the east side of Lakeside Park. The municipality is also reworking the main entrance to the Civic Center and Lakeside Park, which engineers say will help the flow of traffic into the city’s recreational areas, including the tennis facilities.

“The proposed improvements, in concert with the city improvements, will fully address the scope proposed by the access study, greatly improving the functionality of this important area,” Muenger said.

He said as of 2016, more than 11,000 vehicles per day traveled Alabama 34, near the city’s recreational facilities.

Muenger said the traffic will only increase as there is more residential development east of the Civic Center and Lakeside Park.