PELL CITY -- The City Council approved a three-year contract with Victory Christian School to continue providing a public safety aide to direct traffic. 

“The agreement defines the duties and reporting responsibilities of the PSA and also acknowledges that Victory Christian School will bear half of the costs of the PSA,” said City Manager Brian Muenger. “The city is responsible for invoicing Victory Christian School for these costs.”

The city also has a contract with the Pell City Board of Education pertaining to the use of PSAs for the various public schools within the municipality. 

Muenger said the private school could be billed annually or quarterly, but the cost could vary. PSAs sometimes work traffic when schools have sporting events, like football games and other school-related events. 

The agreement includes a cancellation clause, allowing either party to exit the agreement after a 60-day notice. 

“Although the city has continuously provided a PSA to this location for more than a decade, the agreement is written to allow sufficient flexibility for either party to conclude this arrangement, should the need for this service change,” Muenger said. 

According to the contract, the PSA is responsible for providing efficient traffic control at the assigned school zone during times of heavy traffic. 

City officials said the PSA is directing traffic on a major highway where public safety is a concern. 

“This is in everybody’s best interest,” Muenger said.

The PSA will direct traffic at Victory Christian School on Monday through Friday from 7:30-8:15 a.m. and from 2:30-3:55 p.m.