More paving ahead for Pell City?

The city completed a $1.3 million paving project last year and is now eyeing another round of paving.


PELL CITY -- A $2 million paving project could be on the horizon after the city manager reported the municipality has a beefy reserve account.

“Funding a second paving project of around $2 million would allow the council to improve many of the roads that were unable to be selected during the previous project,” City Manager Brian Muenger told the City Council.

He said the city has $18 million in its fund balance, “substantially in excess of the $8 million required by its adopted financial policies.”

The city completed a $1.3 million road paving project last year.

“Prior to the 2017 project, the city had not completed a paving project since 2013, leading to a substantial backlog of streets to be addressed,” Muenger said. “Investing additional funds toward these improvements would significantly lessen the number of streets that would need improvements in the coming years.”

City officials said workers could pave the Senior Center parking lot as part of the paving project, whether it is completed this year or next.

At this point, the council has not approved a paving project but has taken the matter under consideration.

During their meeting Monday, council members did approve spending $837,375 from the city’s Capital Improvement Fund for various capital improvement requests from several municipal departments.

The funds approved include $85,000 for downtown street light replacement and downtown landscaping.

A total of $383,420 was earmarked for various Street Department projects.

The council also allocated $199,000 to the Fire Department for various improvements to fire stations and to purchase self-contained breathing apparatuses for firefighters.

The Parks and Recreation Department, which has numerous capital improvement projects underway, was allocated $169,955 for new lawn care equipment and various upgrades to the sports complex, 19th Street basketball court area, Lakeside Park and to the Senior Center.

The upgrades to Parks and Recreation facilities include work to the sports complex entrance, sealing the parking lot, batting cage turf and eight new nets, a new infield machine and football field renovation. Money was allocated for new fencing at Lakeside Park and a gate for the new back entrance. Also, funds were allocated to paint the Senior Center, and to seal coat the basketball/tennis courts on 19th Street.