Dr. James Martin

Dr. James Martin

PELL CITY -- Members of the Board of Education officially approved a three-year contract during their meeting Tuesday night for newly hired Superintendent Dr. James Martin III. 

The contract will expire Sept. 8, 2022, unless further extended by mutual agreement in writing by the board and superintendent. 

“On or before Sept. 9 of the calendar year immediately preceding the expiration date of the contract, the board must issue to the superintendent notification of its intent to allow the contract to expire, and if no such notification is issued, the superintendent is automatically accorded a one-year extension of contract,” the agreement states. 

In accordance with the contract, Martin will receive an annual salary of $151,000. He will also receive a 2 percent increase in his salary annually. 

“The superintendent’s salary shall not be increased by any raises given by the state of Alabama,” the contract states. 

In accordance with the contract, Martin will receive 15 days of vacation annually, exclusive of legal holidays. 

Martin, who lives in Smiths, Alabama, will receive a one-time allotment of up to $2,000 for moving expenses. 

“The board requires, and the superintendent agrees, to establish his permanent residence within the Pell City School District,” the contract states. 

The board will also provide an automobile to Martin for his use in the discharge of the duties as superintendent. 

The contract provides travel expenses for the new superintendent if work trips are in excess of a 35-mile radius from Pell City. The board will also pay for a cellphone and membership to one civic club of his choosing. 

With stipulations, the board and/or the superintendent can unilaterally cancel the contract.

If Martin at any time decides to retire, he must provide the board with a written notice of his intention to retire 120 days prior to his retirement date, unless reasons beyond the control of the superintendent prevent compliance with this requirement. 

Martin previously served as superintendent for two Georgia school systems for a total of eight years and has 30 years of experience in education.  

In other matters Tuesday, the board:

  • Approved hiring Brenna Carlisle as a fifth-grade science/history teacher at Williams Intermediate School and Andrea Dowell as a Walter M. Kennedy Elementary Pre-K auxiliary teacher;

  • Approved adding the following people to the substitute teachers/child nutrition program list: Stephanie Ashley, Ashley Campbell, Shelley Gregg, Heather Grooms, Kelli Hall, Cynthia Isbell, Vicki Jaco, Angela Macon, Shelby Maddox, Hannah Melvin, Tiffany Wilkinson and Sarah Williams;

  • Approved the transfers of assistant teacher Brittany Brewster from Walter M. Kennedy Elementary to Pell City High and teacher assistant Tammy Brasher from Iola Roberts Elementary to Duran North Junior High;

  • Approve a leave of absence for Duran South Junior High career explorations teacher Jeffrey Wilson for military leave and Williams Intermediate fifth-grade teacher Heather Harper for maternity leave;

  • Approved hiring Megan Kreitlein for a supplemental position as an Eden Elementary building technology coordinator;

  • Approved the members of the Calendar Committee: Wendy Wilson, Megan Jolly, Dr. Melissa Kelley, Richard Garris, Melanie Cornelius, Tammie Williams, Josh Money, Amber Kay, Lisa Pope, Shea White, Rita Brock and Dr. Myrus Strong (chairperson);

  • Approved the members of the Policy Committee: James Causey, Christi Minor, Patsy Lee, Sunni Wyatt, Holly Costello, Laurie Henderson, Dori Rich, Jamie Jack, Dr. Cory O’Neal, Patrick Dowell, Jackie Wyche, Haley Williams, Sheryl Spivey and Dr. Myrus Strong (chairperson); 

  • Approved the members of the Textbook Committee: Jeffrey Wilson, Kayla Lee, Tabitha Surles, Tammie Williams, Dr. Leah Stover, Cheryl Tate, Krista Baker, Hannah Parris, Crystal Mitchell, Kaylan Mitchell and Dr. Myrus Strong (chairperson); 

  • Approved the members of the Wellness Committee: Haley Williams, John Costello, Dori Rich and Chairperson Dr. Myrus Strong;

  • Approved the 2019 fiscal year budget;

  • Approved the 2019-2020 salary schedules;

  • Approved beginning a new Pre-K, kindergarten and first-grade playground project at Coosa Valley Elementary; 

  • Approved renewing the general liability/errors and omissions coverage at a cost of $2,026;

  • Approved the 2018-19 Student Incident Report;

  • Approved procedures and pay amounts for staffing Pell City school system sporting events; and 

  • Approved going into executive session to discuss a good name and character issue. No action was taken on the matter when the board reconvened.