Hargray Communications is purchasing USA Communications

Hargray Communications is purchasing USA Communications assets in Alabama. USA Communication is the cable provider in the Pell City and surrounding areas.


PELL CITY -- Hargray Communications has announced an agreement to acquire the Alabama assets of USA Communications, a cable provider serving Pell City and its surrounding areas.

“… We look forward to building upon USA Communications’ recent network investments and will deliver the fastest internet service in town, a very high-quality residential video service, and superior communications products and solutions to the businesses in the USA Communications’ service territory,” said Michael Gottdenker, Hargray’s chairman and CEO.

USA Communications, a Nebraska-based company, bought the local cable company, Coosa Cable Company Inc., in 2015. Former Coosa Cable Company owner Jeffery Smith said at the time of the purchase that it was USA Communications’ first venture east of the Mississippi.

USA Communications provides telecommunications services in California, Colorado, Montana and Nebraska. Here locally, the company serves Pell City, St. Clair County, Lincoln, Talladega County, Riverside, Moody, Margaret and Odenville.

“Since 1995, USA Communications has been dedicated to providing the latest technology to the communities we serve,” said Chris Hilliard, CEO for USA Communications. “We are proud of what we have accomplished with this system over the last few years, but as we look toward the future of communications and entertainment services, it is our belief that Hargray’s larger scale and unique combination of technological expertise and community focus makes them the best possible choice to provide advanced telecommunications services to our communities.”

Hargray was founded in 1949, and provides advanced communications and entertainment services in the Southeast.

“In the markets we serve, we take seriously our opportunity and obligation to invest in the local community,” said David Armistead, senior vice president of Hargray Communications. “We intend to retain USA Communications’ local colleagues after closing and invest heavily in USA Communications’ network to deliver the same high-quality suite of residential and commercial services and customer support we are known for in South Carolina and Georgia.”

The purchase is expected to close early this year, according to a press release from Hargray.

Company officials said that over the next year, Hargray will dedicate additional financial resources to grow USA Communications’ network, providing next-generation products and services to its residential customers, including 100 Mbps high-speed internet and wall-to-wall wi-fi, access to prime television programs and home phone services.

The more than 70-year-old company was established in Hardeeville, S.C.