Chip Thornton

Chip Thornton is pastor at First Baptist Church-Springville.


I was reading through 2 Samuel, and I came across one of those sections of Scripture that makes you scratch your head and wonder: Why is this in the Bible?  

It was a listing of people no one has ever heard of, although they did perform valiant feats of courage.

“Get back to King David,” I thought, “Who cares about these unknowns!”

Then it struck me: Without these mighty “unknowns,” there is no King David. God used these people to raise up David from a shepherd’s field to the king’s throne (1 Chronicles 11:10).

No one succeeds alone. God raised up all kinds of people into your life to make you who you are today. Who are the “unknowns” in your life? Your parents? A Sunday school teacher? The first-grade teacher who taught you to read? A coach who taught you life-lessons? A pastor who guided you through hard times? A spouse who lifts you up? An employer who gave you a chance?

These people — and hundreds more — were sent of God to shape you into the person you have become. What would your life look like without them?   

The world needs mighty “unknowns” like us. They need men and women who will play their part without striving for their own glory.

They need people like me, an unknown pastor, to preach the Scriptures faithfully so they’ll know what God says in His Book.

They need people like you, kindergarten teacher, to teach them to read.

They need you, grandpa, to support them at their ball games and dance recitals.

They need you, nurse, to care for them and offer them a sense of worth.

They need you, wealthy man, to lend them help in times of need.

They need you, coach, to help them win the game, but also to help them win in life.

The LORD works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?

So get with it. Play your part. Seek out someone you can invest in, build-up, encourage, shape, mold, educate, or create opportunities for so that the LORD’s Name is made famous.

Think of it as a privilege to be an unknown whom God uses to put His glory on display!

Chip Thornton is the senior pastor at First Baptist Church-Springville.