This is my response to Bob Bone’s letter.

Mr. Bone, I am sorry the truth offends you and you find truth to be “hate-filled.”

If gay students are targets and prey of students “who hide in wait” for them in school restrooms as Mr. Bone suggests, then perhaps they need more than just their own restrooms.

How about the taxpayers pay for schools exclusively for gays? This way all threats of the attacks Mr. Bone claims happens on a regular basis in public schools can be avoided.

Better yet, if people like Mr. Bone would accept truth and reality instead of living in a fantasy world where the wants of the few always outweigh the needs of the many, we might have fewer shootings like the one at the school in Parkland, Florida.

In closing Mr. Bone, I am sorry the real world and truth offends you. I am sure you will see this as another of my “hate-filled” letters as it does not support your left-wing narrative.

Billy E. Price