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On the line with ... Pell City's Harper Bell

Playing with heart

Pell City rising senior Harper Bell scored the North squad’s only goal in the North-South All-Star Girls Soccer Match on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, in Montgomery.

PELL CITY -- Harper Bell’s senior season at Pell City High School has not gone as well as she hoped going into the campaign.  

Bell and the Lady Panthers soccer team have only played in nine games, in part due to rain in the first several weeks of the season.

Bell’s final months of prep soccer took another blow earlier in the week when school and all athletic events were suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Bell has been out of school since Monday, and she has spent her time watching Tik-Tok videos as well as putting in time training just in case the season resumes this spring.

Bell, who played football in the fall as place-kicker, had hopes of making a run to the Final Four before the season started, but at this point, she hopes to be able to play again and return to school

Q: What are you doing to stay prepared for soccer if you are allowed to finish?

A: My road has hills on it, so I ran one of them (Wednesday). You just have to go out in the yard and run and keep up your technical skills. You are not doing anything else, so why not.

Q: What are your go-to snacks while being out of school?

 A: I love Chex Mix, or if I want something sweet I’ll eat some pineapple.

Q: What’s one special talent you wish you had?

A: I would love to be the type of person that’s so quick in math and have a deep understanding of it. I know people like that and I think that they are absolutely amazing. Also, being good at public speaking in front of big crowds.

Q: Who’s someone older than you, you’d like to grow up to be like?

A: In the soccer sense, I would love to be like Julie Ertz because I think she is amazing. She is the best player out there. I would also like to be like my parents. They are in the medical field like I kind of want to be. They are very knowledgeable about their job, and a lot of people can see that. I would like to have a handle on my specialty (radiology) as much as they do.

 Q: What do you remember about playing in your first varsity game?

A: It was on turf. We were away. I think I got put up top at some point because my coach wanted to see how I would do up there. I played right-back my first varsity year because we had a super good center-back. We got up by a good bit, and he sent me up there. I am sure that I scored one or two goals while I was up there.

Q: Which sport do you prefer, football or soccer?

A: Definitely soccer

Q: What do you take away from playing football?

A: Football helped me come out of my shell. It opened my eyes that you have to put in work. Playing soccer (for) 14 years, you can let yourself get comfortable at the skill level that you’re at, but with football, since it was something new, I had to learn a completely different skill and different techniques. It was a reality check that you have to keep working on your craft to make (it) the best you can make it and not get comfortable. There is someone under you always trying to take your spot. You have to keep up the work. 

Q: What's something you wish you had more time for?

A: I wish that I had more time to spend at school or with my friends. Anything that was pre-coronavirus. It really makes you sad when you think about the stuff you are missing out of.

Q: What are three things you couldn't live without?

A: Probably can’t live without my phone, good food like cheese pizza and a hoodie or blanket because I am always cold.

Q: What's the hardest test you've ever taken?

A: All the chemistry tests that I took because that is a different side of science than we were previously learning. Being in pre-AP (advanced placement), it was like a ‘whoa’ moment.



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