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Tucker Webb/The Daily Home

Age: 63

Hometown: Talladega, Brecon neighborhood

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Occupation/company: Co-owner of The Shack BBQ with my wife, Sharon, and head pit cook

How long on the job: We took over the restaurant from my wife’s parents in 1990, so we’ve been here 28 years.

What does the job entail: At 6 a.m., I usually get here and tend to the meat on the smoker from the night before and start a few others. I do a lot of cleaning up and getting ready before we open up. I’ll usually finish up the pit cooking around 1 p.m. and help manage the restaurant the rest of the day.

Average salary or salary range: We can do $250k in annual sales, but there’s not a lot of profit margin. You have to really watch your food costs and maintain the quality of the food.

How did you get into this line of work: Sharon’s parents built the place in 1983 and ran it up until we bought it in 1990. It’s a family restaurant; we have a lot of family and friends that work here.

What is your job’s “cool” factor, what you enjoy most: I enjoy seeing the customers enjoy the food; they compliment the work we do. Also seeing the regular customers come back over and over.

What’s something that people often misunderstand about what you do: Some people see the place at peak times of lunch and dinner and assume that we’re always that busy. That's usually not the case.

-- Tucker Webb

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