Age: 43

Hometown: Riverside

Occupation/company: Licensed pumper and basic installer of septic tanks. Owner/operator of Sisson’s Pell City Septic tank.

How long on the job: 20 years

What does the job entail: “Taking people’s crap!” Cleaning septic tanks, finding and locating problems with septic tanks.

Average salary or salary range: $70-$100k annually

How did you get into this line of work: Family business. My grandfather, George Sisson, started the business in 1978.

What is your job’s “cool” factor, what do you enjoy most: Being able to help people who really need help and meeting people. It’s challenging, you never know what you are getting into.

What’s something that people often misunderstand about what you do: People don’t understand about maintaining their septic systems or the the amount of effort required to clean out a system. Remember ‘the three P’s; pee, poop and paper only.’ Don’t use a garbage disposal with a septic tank. It will kill the bacteria needed to break down waste and clog the lines.

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