John Hazelwood

John Hazelwood

Tucker Webb/The Daily Home

Age: 73

Hometown: Pell City

Occupation/company: Owner/operator of Hazelwood’s Nursery and Greenhouses

How long on the job: I started piddling with hobby gardening in 1985 (33 years ago). I started a small greenhouse on 23rd Street thereafter, and from there it kinda grew out of control.

What does the job entail: We grow and sell all kinds of plants and materials, such as shrubs, trees, bedding plants, etc. I make sure the employees are here and they have their duties. I do all the planning, some planting and drawing landscape plans.

How did you get into this line of work: I was a horticulture teacher at the vocational school. I started selling ferns wholesale as a hobby. There wasn’t a home gardening store in St. Clair County so I started a little shop with ferns, bedding plants for home gardeners and from there grew into trees and shrubs.

What is your job’s “cool” factor, what you enjoy most: Caring for employees and helping customers, but also seeing the plants grow and mature by keeping them healthy.

What’s something that people often misunderstand about what you do: Some customers come in with questions about why their plants aren't doing well. We don't always have all the answers. Reminding people they have to take care of their plants and especially remember to water them.

By Tucker Webb

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