Are you growing tired of the non-stop media rhetoric subsequent to the Florida school shooting? It would be inhuman not to be saddened and upset about the 17 who died so tragically in the Parkland school shooting.

Yet, as to be expected, the media and liberal left are loudly demanding retribution against the National Rifle Association (NRA). So, just how accurate are these attacks? As is the most common scenario, not even close.

The NRA is always portrayed by the media as having bankrolled Congress. Again, not so. For the years 1989 thru 2012, the top 10 political contributors are as follows:

ActBlue, A Democratic PAC, $97 million; Federation of State, County & Federal Employees, a union, $60 million; AT&T (serving 300 million Americans) $56 million; National Education Association, a union, $56 million; Goldman Sachs, Investment Banking, $45 million; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a union, $44 million; United Auto Workers, a union, $42 million; Carpenters Union, $39 million; Service Employees Union, $38 million.   Notice the obvious trend? Unions dominate donations to the tune of $277 million! Of course, the vast majority going to the Democrats.

Did you notice the NRA is not on this list? Statistics clearly show that since 1998, the organization has donated a total of $3.5 million total to ALL congressional members! Yet, the liberals claim that the NRA owns our politicians. Couldn't be further from the truth. The National Rifle Association was formed in 1871 to further shooting education by the public. Even today the vast majority of the association's $433 million annual budget is focused toward gun training and shooting education.

This information was taken from both the New York Times, written by Bret Stephens; and the Washington Post, published in October 2017!

The NRA is powerful not because of donated money, but because it represents such a popular cause to so many Americans: the right to own and keep guns.

James W. Anderson