A Women's Conference is scheduled for 10 a.m. at Kingdom Authority Ministries on March 25.

The sermon will be "Not Easily Broken, I'm Writing the Vision," and presenters will be Majesty Little, Donna Hall and Brandi Morris. Stefanie Player will be the vision board presenter.

Pastor Paula Little will be the hostess. Kingdom Authority Ministries is at 4610 Desoto Caverns Parkway in Childersburg. 

For further information regarding the conference or T-shirt orders, please contact Santori Little-McCants at 706-773-9333 or via Facebook at oshayanna@yahoo.com

Keith family adjusting to new home in Tennessee

Michael and Shea Keith and children, Jada, Jared, and Justus, are adjusting to their new home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The family is from Talladega.

Michael is still employed at the Birmingham airport, but he anticipates being transferred to the Nashville airport. He travels to Murfreesboro on the weekends. Shea has accepted a position with the Veterans Administration in Murfreesboro.

Jada misses Ms. Sims and friends at Little House Dance Studio, but she has enrolled at Dance Works and is looking forwards to her recital.

Jared has developed an interest in basketball and is a team member of the Spurs. The team finished in first place in the Silver Category.

Justus is excitedly working with his class on building a boat out of recyclable materials. Their principal is slated to be the lone sailor.

Recent guests to visit the Keith family were Lavon and Monique Swain and Tyler; Annie Eaton; Richardo Eaton; and Jordan Garrett and Javion Garrett, all of Talladega; and Cleo and Daner Bryant and Mya, all of Huntsville. 

The group dined at Miss Mary Bobo's Restaurant and Boarding House. The establishment is in an antebellum house and the home-cooked menu changes daily.

The Keiths have enjoyed touring and learning, also, about the Volunteer State.

Knoxville Reunion update

The Knoxville Reunion has been scheduled for July 7-8.

The first planning-meeting was recently hosted at the home of Georgia W. Leonard.  The next planning meeting is scheduled for April 1, and the location will be posted at a later date.

To keep cost at a minimum, each family is asked to provide their food, water, sodas, folding chairs, tent, etc.

For safety, an area will be designated for grilling, cooking, etc. Also, due to safety and liability, bounce houses and other rented equipment for children's activities are not allowed.

Music will be provided by a local band.

Each family is asked to purchase T-shirts and to contact a coordinator with your family's preferred color. The logo, “Knoxville For Life,” may be printed on the T-shirts and/or other lettering of choice.

For further information, visit Facebook or please contact Georgia W. Leonard at 256-375-6200 or Lois B. Hall at 256-375-9690.

My experience with road rage

I had never experienced road rage until last Sunday.

I left church and was headed to my son's home for dinner. I was driving at approximately 70 mph when I noticed a car within feet of my bumper. I was parallel to a car in the outer lane; therefore, I could not move over to allow the motorist to pass.

When the motorist had an opportunity to pass me, he accelerated at an extremely high speed, lowered his window as far as possible and shot me the biggest “bird” I've ever seen. 

It was explained to me that I should have sped up when I noticed the motorist was apparently in a hurry.  But, don't forget, I was already going 70 mph, parallel to another motorist and nearing a huge curve and four lanes of emerging traffic.

Was I really supposed to risk my safety and the safety of other motorists to please someone else?

It was further explained that if the motorist had actually shot me, that could have possibly led to the loss of several lives, too.

All I know for certain is that I am very thankful that the outcome was benign. We've all heard of incidences where road rage ended in fatalities.

Bullies are everywhere, and to me, road rage is a form of bullying! 

It appears that your only option to safety is to pray, stay vigilant and stay in the outer lane.

Maxine Beck writes about the African-American community in and around Talladega. She may be contacted at 12672mb@gmail.com