Make America great again. First, Mr. President, make our children safe again. During his presidential campaign,Trump promised to make America great. But first the president must keep us safe. School children continue to be killed by persons using military grade weapons. Arms that should be used only on the battlefield, not on the streets, in the woods hunting or inside a school. The president's suggested solution to this problem? Arm the teachers. Trump's statement was insensitive, an insult and a slap in the face to those young Florida students sitting in that room with him. Those students and teachers witnessed and were involved in the massacre at the Florida school. How could the president be so insensitive to their traumatic experience.
Make America great again, make America safe again. The president's continued refusal to acknowledge and even entertain the idea that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. elections threatens our democratic government. Additionally, Trump's inaction on Russian interference in the election causes one to question his loyalty to the American government. To whom or what country does the current president of the USA owe his allegiance and fidelity?
The president's inaction and ongoing words maligning the CIA, FBI, national security and law-enforcement agencies as well as the American news media, undermines the very basics of American democracy: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and an independent judiciary.
The president demands from his subordinates personal loyalty to him, not the American government. Trump swore in the presidential oath of office that he would uphold and defend. However, President #45’s actions, words and deeds do not indicate that he will uphold or defend, making us less safe and surely no chance of being great.
Submitted by Martha Jordan on behalf of the Talladega County Democratic Party.