Macedonia church names 2019 Family of the Year

2019 Macedonia Family of Year.jpg

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church recently recognized the Phillip/Ragland family as the family of the year.

On Sunday, Aug. 18, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church celebrated its annual Family and Friends Day and recognized the Phillip/Ragland family as the family of the year. 

Every year a family is recognized as the “Family of The Year” for its steadfast commitment to their place of worship. They are awarded with a beautiful plaque (provided by Pastor Dante and Sister Whittaker). 

“Family and Friends Day was established many years ago by its members” Pastor Whittaker said. “It is a time for our families and friends to come together to fellowship, reflect on times past, appreciate one another while enjoying the blessings of the all mighty God, creating a setting that is favorable for the place of worship and community.”

The following families were also acknowledged for their hard work: Caldwell, J.D. Cochran, Lee/Ragland, Bell/Morris, Alice Cunningham, Richmond/Beavers, Harvey “Dank” Beavers.