TALLADEGA -- I am writing to you today in support of the people of Florida who have suffered through great losses due to the most recent act of God. Sports brings people together and when the Gators take on the LSU Tigers, I will wear their colors that Saturday. An article appearing in this newspaper has Jeremy Foley, the athletic director for the University of Florida, saying that LSU was “… unwilling to consider other reasonable options.” This Sports Fan is sadden by that statement.

I remember when another act of God was unleashed on the state of Louisiana and the outpouring of love and kindness was shown in awesome ways. Now, the state of Florida has a crisis and LSU doesn’t want to play in Florida. I obviously wasn’t a participant in the negotiations, but it is clear that while they are gridiron foes, you would think that if LSU was helping both the SEC and Florida, Mr. Foley would have kinder things to say.

As an Alabama fan, I think of LSU as an opponent, but on that Saturday I am actually wanting to send a message to the residents of the state of the Louisiana that their state institution of higher learning should be ashamed. The most important thing we can do to help Floridians is boost their economy. Yet, LSU is taking millions of dollars out, at a time they desperately need the money and helping their own. In this day and age of protesting, I am hopeful we will support causes rather than being divisive. That’s why to help their state economy, I am going to buy a Florida Gator hat and shirt and will properly don them on that particular day of contest and pull for their decisive victory.

Come on, sports fans, JOIN ME!!!

Patrick Johnson