Lincoln Food Pantry teams with Community Food Bank of Central Alabama to feed community

Lincoln Food Pantry food 1-bc.jpg

LINCOLN -- The Lincoln Food Pantry gave out extra food this week thanks to a partnership with the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama.

Pantry Director Marsha Martin said the food pantry was able to give out 200 additional boxes of food Tuesday with food supplied by the Community Food Bank.

Martin said that the food comes from a program that the Pantry had to apply to take part in.

“We are grateful for the opportunity,” Martin said.

Martin said the distribution Tuesday was open to anyone who needed food and not just normal Food Pantry patrons. 

“It was for anyone who was in need of food,” Martin said about the distribution.

Martin said that the turnout for the distribution was good, despite there being some boxes left over.

Martin said the food was delivered Tuesday morning and then packed into 260 boxes by the food pantry’s volunteers. 

“We had a great volunteer group yesterday (Tuesday),” she said. 

She said volunteers put in great effort packing the boxes and distributing them. Martin said the food was distributed through a drive-through process. Volunteers placed the food in vehicles without the driver needing to leave the vehicle, thus limiting contact. 

Martin has previously said that the food pantry would move to a contactless distribution method during its normal distributions due to COVID-19.

Martin said that despite these measures, Tuesday’s distribution went smoothly.

With many people out of work due to the pandemic, Martin said more people find themselves in need of the services the food pantry provides. 

“We have seen a marked increase,” Martin said. 

She said that while this would normally cause issues, the pantry has also seen a marked increase in donations in recent weeks, which has helped considerably to meet the needs of people in the community. 

“It is wonderful to see how people step up in times like this, really just to take care of each other,” Martin said. 

She also said that programs like Tuesday’s partnership with the Community Food Bank also help tremendously and the food pantry will continue to seek opportunities like it.