LINCOLN – The municipality’s 500,000 gallon water tank is getting a much-needed fresh coat of paint, but city officials are still discussing exactly what color or colors to have the large tank painted.

Tuesday night, the City Council unanimously approved hiring U.S. Tank Inc at a cost of $312,500 to restore and paint the large tank, which is visible from Interstate 20. 

City Water Department Manager Danny Groce said the contract includes restoring or removing a protective coating from the inside of another water tank, a 200,000 gallon tank.  

He said the work on the 200,000 gallon tank will bring it up to the specifications set by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. 

Groce said the city has four water tanks, which are supplied with water from three wells. He said work on the tanks should start sometime in mid to late September. 

Although the council approved the work to paint the 500,000 tank, no decision was made as to what color the large tank would be painted.

The tank is currently white with “LINCOLN” painted in black on the side. 

Councilman Joey Callahan said the water tank is a city landmark, and he wants it to be attractive and representative of the community.

The Lincoln school colors are black and gold. 

Callahan said he wanted to be on the record to have the tank painted black with gold letters and trim. He said other cities have painted their water tanks to be reflective of their community.

Groce said the important thing is for the tank to get a new fresh coat of paint. 

“No matter what color, it definitely needs paint,” he said.