Another week, another domestic terrorist shooting. The statistics on these shootings are truly astounding. In the past year alone, there have been hundreds of shootings resulting in the injury and death of multiple victims. After the death of 22 people in El Paso, Texas, and another nine in Dayton, Ohio, the president blames the problem on mental illness, overlooking the easy access to assault-style weapons in this country. Trump, you cannot have it both ways.

One of the first things Trump did after being sworn in as president was to sign an executive order repealing a ban on the sale of assault-style weapons to the mentally ill. The assault weapons ban, signed by an executive order of Trump's predecessor, who understood that banning such weapons was just one way to stop or slow the acquisition of guns by a person with mental health issues.

President 45, stable genius that he is, decided there was no need for the assault weapons ban. So Trump sat proudly at the desk in the oval office, and with great flourish, signed and thereby erased the executive order banning the sale of assault weapons issued by the prior president.

Fast forward to the present day and #45 stands at a teleprompter and blames the recent shootings on mental illness. But! Mr. President 45, what about the executive order you signed removing the ban on the sale of assault weapons! Mr. Trump, your hands may be clean, but your actions are not. Your racist and inflammatory words that are fanning the flames of domestic terrorism is a discussion for another day. A questionable working economy means nothing to those wounded or dead victims in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Wondering how anyone can still support Donald Trump, a poor excuse for a human and an even worse example as a president.

Martha Jordan