When I was in high school, some kids were sexually active. I know it's hard for this current generation to think of their parents and grandparents in that way, but it's true.

Pregnancies sometimes occurred. The weight of that pregnancy almost always fell on the young girl and her family. If an arranged and hasty marriage could or would not be arranged, the girl would sometimes disappear for a few months and then return.

There were no abortion clinics in Alabama at the time. The young girl would either have to go stay with relatives or go to a home, like the Baptist Home for Unwed Mothers in Louisiana, to deliver and give her baby up for adoption. Roe-V-Wade changed so much of that.

The cry at that time was to help stop the deaths of young girls who sought back alley abortions with coat hangers. (I remember that was the talking point in every abortion rights speech). So, the camel got its nose under the tent. The acceptable practice was not abortion on demand, it was for those poor young girls who had been raped, whose life was endangered by the pregnancy, or suffered a pregnancy due to incest (and, yes, that happened back then, too).

First-trimester abortions would take care of all those things and young girls who were not able to claim those things would still go for a long visit out of town or to a home for unwed mothers. We were told that the baby wasn't a baby during that first trimester -- it was a fetus. They would show pictures and drawings of babies in the first trimester where they resembled chickens or lizards. They weren't "even human at that point," they would say. They could not feel pain.

Then came the demand for a woman's right to choose abortion on demand. “Let us have that right,” they cried, “it's only fair and no man should legislate what a woman can do with her body.” Then, why limit it to first trimester, the baby still won't live if delivered early into the second trimester “so we need second trimester abortions on demand.”

States began to pass laws allowing those to happen. Then came the insidious clamber for late-term abortions. If there is something "wrong" with the baby, why make a woman carry that child.

Late-term abortion laws were passed that actually allowed for a baby to be born, feet first, and before the head was delivered to allow an abortion doctor to basically suck the brains from that child to kill it before it was fully delivered. As if all these things weren't enough for those who screamed for their "right to choose," the latest demand is for post-term abortions.

How is that even possible? Are they who insist on abortion on demand now going to tell us that a "fetus," as they call it, is STILL a fetus after birth? How is that not considered murder?

Just since I was in high school, we have allowed the camel to not on enter the tent but to run around inside and trample those of us who do not consider a baby to be fair game.

What have we become as a nation? What would those of us who believe that God knew us in the womb remotely accept the killing of His creation?

There are states on the west coast that now also allow assisted suicide. So, we have death of the most vulnerable at one end of the spectrum and death by suicide as an accepted practice at the other end of the life spectrum. Liberal politicians have long held it is the responsibility of government to manage our lives from cradle to grave. Well, it looks like they have the beginnings and the ending covered -- now to control the in-between parts.

Clay Allison