It was hard to miss the splashy news story this past week where President Trump announced  unconditional "forgiveness" of student loan debt for all disabled veterans. On the surface for the non-military public, this would seem to be a noble humane gesture. But, is it?

Being a Vietnam veteran, I paid for my college undergraduate and post-graduate education with proceeds from the GI Education Bill — no need for any student loans. While I appreciate the assistance, I feel I earned every penny.

I have discussed this Trump move with many veterans since it was announced. Without exception, we agree that with the original GI Bill benefits, why would a veteran (disabled or not) have a need for extensive student loans funds? Perhaps some background information about Trump's announcement would help shed light on what is going on.   

The president made the splashy announcement at the American Legion Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, before 2,500 Legionaries to resounding applause. Further coverage indicates this move was not spontaneous, with elaborate White House planning taking place months in advance. The public reaction has been predictable with the Trump re-election campaign reaping the benefits.

I am a champion of veterans’ rights. I will fight and resist every attempt to use our veterans or take them and their sacrifice for granted. This includes especially politicians, all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC.

James W. Anderson