I am writing to you about a problem in the county where the grass has not been cut for two years.

I live on Hindman Lane, and the grass has not been cut, and in some places it is 6 feet tall, with trash on the side of the road.

Our district is District 2. I do not know who the county commissioner for our district is. Last year, I attended each meeting concerning Hindman Lane, and now the ditch is growing trees, plus there are leaves.

My question is how to become a county commissioner? We need a new person that will do what needs to be done on Hindman Lane in the position where anyone can tell the Road Department to cut the grass and repair the potholes. Enough is enough! If you can’t, get out of the way and let someone who is willing, to get the job done. Anyone is better than who we have now.

I hope you agree with me or tell me how I can change things.

Edward Jennings,

Talladega County