I, Angele D. Estelle, a candidate for The City Board of Education, Ward 3, am writing this letter to the editor to inform the community of the reason why I was absent from the candidates forum on Tuesday, Aug. 20. I remain a candidate committed to serving on the board, but I am a mother first, committed to the well-being of my children and as such had a family emergency that required my immediate attention at the Atlanta Airport. All is now well. 

I apologize for my absence and am still asking for your vote on Election Tuesday, Aug. 27. The forum provided a great look at the candidates, and I was looking forward to the opportunity to share my point of view on the topics discussed. My desire to make our educational system better and to do what’s best for our children has not waned. I feel with my background in education, years of teaching experience, and love for this community and for all children, I can help to move us forward for the benefit of our teaching professionals, students, parents and all stakeholders.

My commitment as a board member will be to put a quality education for our children in a safe and secure environment first. I believe we must take negative politics out of the way of progressive education. Until we get board members willing to do this, our system will not reach its highest potential. Although there are positive things happening, there is much more to be done, and I wish to assist in that effort as a member of the school board. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to address the questions asked in the candidates’ forum and offer the opportunity to meet with any resident to address any specifics you may have.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Estelle’s opponent is attorney Jake Montgomery, and video of his responses to the same questions can be viewed at The Daily Home’s Facebook page.