I find it reprehensible that as the citizens of Hong Kong protest in the streets for freedom and liberty, America has members of the Democratic Socialist Party demonstrating in our streets to force America to be just like Communist China. 

To begin with, why has the Democratic Party not kicked this anti-American wing of its party out? They do not even disavow them, which means they must agree with them.

I do not know if this sect of the Democratic Party is stupid, ignorant, brainwashed or just pure evil. It makes no sense that they would trade the Bill of Rights and Constitutional Rights — the very laws that protect their rights to assemble and protest — for a fascist, Marxist style of government.

The only rights such a government will grant them, if they got it, is the right to agree with everything that government demands of them and keep your mouths shut and do as you’re told or get the government’s troops and tanks sent to crush you. Your “pursuit of happiness” under communism will be short-lived, so be careful what you wish for. 

Better yet, before you bring Marxism on the rest of us, pick out your favorite socialist country, go live in it for a while — six months to a year — as a test run to see if you really like it or even want it. Then come back and let us know what your final answer is on the style of government we already have. 

Keep it or exchange it? 

Billy Price