On Tuesday, Aug. 27, the residents of Talladega, who are registered voters, are being afforded the opportunity to vote for a mayor, three school board members and five council members. This could be a worldwide news-making election.

I can not recall that the city has ever had a house cleaning of all five ward candidates. I cannot recall the school board being comprised of three members of color.

I can only recall one blind person ever running for council and only one man of color running for mayor and never a woman of color running for mayor.

If my math is correct, there are still six school board member candidates seeking office. Two unopposed positions have already been certified.

Talladega, being the home of the world-famous AIDB and having one of its own elected the first blind council member would be newsworthy.

Talladega, with a population of approximately 50 percent people of color, could possibly elect a woman of color for mayor. And, yes, there is a possibility of a white woman being elected mayor.

Some residents are expressing concerned that there is an effort to stack the school board with members who have an axe to grind or a personal vendetta. This cannot be. There has already been enough vendettas and squabbling among a couple of board members. The same scenario could be playing out with some of the council candidates. There has been enough of this to last until God returns.

Under the present city manager form of government, the mayor has only ceremonial responsibilities. So whoever is chosen mayor will not have an impact on the overall operation of city government. All authority has been given to the city manager.

I love Talladega and the residents and plan to be here until death. We are at a crossroads of whether we will be progressive or go backwards. Our infrastructure is in a deplorable condition and thousands of dollars is needed to replace worn out or inoperable equipment. Five million dollars is needed to pave or repair all the streets. They need more employees to provide adequate services. Crime is a problem.

Voting residents, we have an awesome responsibility to make an informed decision and vote for candidates who really are concerned and take appropriate, sensible action to straighten up our city and school system.

Larry Barton