Talladega is debating the subject of a splash pad for its community. I am a Pell City resident.

The subject gave me pause to think about our Lakeside Park splash pad. I am personally not for it or against it. However, I have since learned that the charge to use it is $3 and applies only to children over 3 years old.  

I got to thinking of the math involved, and that Talladega folks should look at the math, too. I'm just guessing here but, if 250 3-year-old-and-up children use the splash pad a day at $3 each, that generates $750 a day, times 6 days a week, which generates $4,500 a week.  

If there are about 21 weeks of summer use, that generates $94,000 a season. Pretty good return on investment before expenses. 

Of course, I think 250 over-age-3 children a day is a very high guess. It might be a good idea to see how the numbers play out for Pell City. 

In attracting new business and families, a splash pad is nice, but what guests see are clean and serviceable streets, low crime, good schools, prosperous small business, services for the needy.  Think about it. Just saying.

Beverley W. Brewer