Drugs and violence go hand-in-hand in destroying families, communities and cities. Our government has declared war on drugs and lost. We have been told to “just say no” but didn’t.

Legislators have made new laws with “get tough on drugs and violence” themes that have not stopped the lawlessness. Police arrest over and over, again and again the same people. Judges

have sentenced violators to long prison terms to give residents a break, but sentences end and many go back to the same lifestyle or others take their place. All of government has tried

and failed to stop this problem. This is what “We the People” face right now.

Drug fueled violence is raging across this nation and especially this city. The latest rage in drugs is mixing heroin with fentanyl.

This combination will kill you. Not over years like other drugs, but right then. Yet users continue to die for the high. Some might say good riddance, it was their choice, they made it. Until

“THEY” are your own. Then you will want someone to help or do something for you.

Shooting occurring in a neighborhood is common here. Street “beefs” are about control of the territory where sales are made or over thefts of drugs or money made from the trade. That might be distant for you if it’s not in your neighborhood, but every “side” of town is involved in the purchase and are part of the problem. There is no safe part of this town when we allow the violence to rise to this level.

This problem is too big and important to leave to any government or government agency to fix. We are in a fight of our lives. The future of our town will be decided by our action or lack thereof. Decide if you think I’m right or wrong, argue about it and talk about it but make a decision.

Decide to stand on the sidelines and ignore this and that is your right. I see the newspaper articles on the violence, I know the anguish as a parent in dealing with a drug problem in the family. I know the law-enforcement perspective having worked as a police officer for many years. I see the number of drug cases in our courts right now. My perspective might be different from yours because I am closer to the problem than you think you are. However, it will hit you eventually in some way. The solution might be for us all to become involved. Start this process by attending a community meeting at Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church on Sept. 5 at 5 p.m. 

Please come with ideas or be prepared to listen to others ideas. Ask your pastor, minister or priest to attend. We as a community must end violence in our city. We are the only ones left that have not tried.

David A. Sparks