Councilman Patterson requests truthful reporting, yet he is actually the one who is inaccurate.

Concerning the article written Thursday Aug. 6 titled Talladega Councilman Patterson scolds Daily Home to "report truth." In this article, the Daily Home reported that it seemed Councilman Patterson had accused the newspaper for inaccurately reporting the facts at the June 8 city council meeting when the city manager was fired. Councilman Patterson is quoted saying, ""The truth, as it exists, is that I allowed everyone to speak who had something to say

This is absolutely false. Councilman Patterson did not allow me to speak. I had my hand up waiting for him to acknowledge me prior to the last several speakers. He kept waving me away with a flick of his wrist. Councilman Patterson can clearly be heard in the video saying this is the last person who is going to speak. 

Councilman Patterson's inability to recognize the difference between the truth and a false statement is compounded by his insensitivity to people with disabilities. During the June 8th meeting, I was sitting in the front row holding my long white cane in clear view to identify that I am blind. People sitting around me kept telling me he was not going to let me speak and described his non-verbal gesture of dismissing me with a flick of his wrist. This is absolutely the wrong way to dismiss a blind individual and seems rude to dismiss anyone this way. 

As noted in another letter to the editor by AIDB president John Mascia, there has been a request for the city council to undergo conflict resolution training. I agree with this. In addition, I believe The council would benefit from both ethics training and sensitivity training. We should not excuse current poor leadership for someone with a prior history of good leadership. Perhaps 27 years is too long to be on the city council. I don't believe Talladega can wait another year for elections to vote into office better leadership. The city council must seek training to improve themselves immediately.

Rod Skene