Dear Walter Williams, after reading your opinion regarding socialism in America, I felt it would be important to point out some important parts of American history.

Woodrow Wilson was a devout Christian who got down on his knees twice a day to pray. Prior to the Great War, the United States of America was 17th in the world in terms of being a world power … behind Serbia. After declaring war, he returned to his office and wept. He refused to send U.S. troops into combat under the command of a foreign nation. The U.S. Marines were labeled the “Devil Dogs” during the Battle of Belleau Wood. The USA became a world power as a result of a Democrat socialist in the White House.

World War II made the USA a super power. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to four terms and presented the “New Deal” as a way to end the Great Depression. Cheaha Mountain is an icon of a socialist program. FDR was also a Democrat socialist.

Socialism has been a critical part of the success of this great nation. The GI Bill made America great — a socialist program. A free college education put us on the moon.

Eric Wilson

Pell City