Does Jeffery Epstien's case show the flaws in an all-encompassing sex offender registry where we have to watch every single one of them at the risk of letting the dangerous ones have an open opportunity to do wrong, or is it the fact that money and knowing the right politicians keep a sex offender safe? 

Either the politicians make the laws that make it impossible to keep eyes and tabs on the ones who pose the greatest threat cause like the brilliant politicians in Alabama believe we can watch them all. That’s why they have to keep adding to the laws and keep reminding us of the threat or they are helping their richer or wealthier constituents avoid the laws they create. 

Why can’t they figure out how to manage the 16,000 and growing sex offender registry without having the federal government come down like they are with the prison problem. 

Just wondering, do Alabama politicians ever get facts or just like to waist money and punish everyone.

Donald Haywood