The Feb. 10 edition of the Daily Home contained a valuable script written by the editor Anthony Cook.

It's my opinion that both black and white are nearsighted or blind when it comes to the history of America.

Chatting with a 14-year-old relative, I often ask her about some event in American history.

Her reply most often is,"We haven't covered that." Plain and simple, young and old alike, they don't know or care.

Young folks are not the only ones blind to history.

I have a cap bought at Boston Harbor commemorating the ship U.S.S. CONSTITUTION. I don't feel right wearing it in public anymore.

When I wore my cap reminding us of the War of 1812, people would walk up to me and thank me for my service to our country. Me serving in the War of 1812?

I do find fault with one part of Anthony's excellent writing … "50 years from now, what will be the content of the speeches and poems?" This is a reference to Black History 50 years from now.

If I were alive 50 years from now, I would hope reference to Black, White, German, Irish, etc., history would have vanished and we were all eager to remember AMERICAN HISTORY.

Don Stephens