If any school in Talladega needs a police officer directing traffic in the mornings and afternoons (especially the afternoons), it is Houston Elementary on Ashland Highway. 

I don't have a child in school any longer, but I live on the Ashland Highway, and it's a madhouse, a nightmare when school lets out … very dangerous. 

It’s very dangerous, for the long line in the turn lane on Ashland Highway to turn left into the school driveway and for those coming out of the driveway needing to turn left onto the Ashland Highway. 

It is one big mess, and I'm sure it will stay that way unless they get an officer out there to direct traffic. I see lots of fender benders happening, too, and there's a possibility of more serious accidents occurring.

Either an officer to direct traffic is badly needed or a traffic light.

Libby Barden