LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Could roundabouts be answer to wrecks on Talladega bypass?


Ever since the Western Bypass has been opened in Talladega, there have been untold wrecks and several fatalities. The four-way intersection at Renfroe Road and the bypass, just east of the federal prison and the county jail, and the intersection of North Jackson Trace Road and the bypass, needs some action taken from the elected officials representing Talladega, and not lip service. Unless their head has been in the sand, they all are aware of these two unsafe intersections.

Residents have written letters to the Daily Home and addressed this dangerous situation, but with no results.

I am not an engineer, but I believe a roundabout could be built at these dangerous intersections, especially on the bypass sections. This would make the ones using the bypass have to either stop or slow down to maneuver these roundabouts. There could be warning signs placed in strategic locations, warning the travelers of this upcoming roundabout section.

I don’t want the political group to start making excuses and claim it will not work. It works in Georgia, so I believe it would work in Talladega.

On behalf of all the residents, and thousands of travelers who drive this road, including trucks, motor homes, and every other type of motorized vehicle, I respectfully request you use your influence to help illuminate this situation before more people suffer life-long injuries or even death.

Larry Barton