I have read consistently here lately about the burn ban in effect in Talladega County. With regard to this issue, would someone please clarify to your residents that this ban does not pertain to outside fireplaces, nor does it ban your normal campfire in the county (imagine the race in October) or a camping trip. 

I personally live in a small county portion of Talladega, adjacent to but not in the city limits. I have spoken with ADEM directly at my residence two times after a complaint by a city resident pertaining to this and both times were found to be non-issues — no violation occurred. 

My family and I enjoy our portion of not being in "the city" for numerous reasons, this being one of them. I have lived here for over 25 years and as employees change within (police and fire), it would be nice if they were educated as to where the boundaries are to prevent complications with homeowners. 

The actual ban info can be found at the AFC or ADEM website as I am sure you are aware. Please encourage the new officers and fireman to know these limits just as I have had to do. If there is any mis-information here as I do not know your city ordinance, I can be contacted directly. Or come by personally. I am usually available. 

Michael Travis