If you live in Childersburg in Alabama Senate Dist. 15, do you know Dan Roberts?

Online information says he is Alabama state senator for my district.

I have sent him emails and have never had any returned. He seems to be a phantom or just received a slice of Talladega County without his knowledge from the redistricting committee. He may not know we exist in Childersburg.

I am trying to make a point. Redistricting should make some sense! Look at the Alabama Senate district map.

I thought Jim McClendon was my state senator for awhile. Jim has answered every email from me! He has become my senator because he is there for me.

Jim McCllendon is a member of the redistricting committee. Please, Jim, put Childerburg in another district other than District 15.

I really think Sen. Dan Roberts would welcome eliminating Talladega County from his district. He could in a clear mind represent Shelby County, etc.

Don Stephens