LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Alabama redistricting lines should make sense


If you live in Childersburg in Alabama Senate Dist. 15, do you know Dan Roberts?

Online information says he is Alabama state senator for my district.

I have sent him emails and have never had any returned. He seems to be a phantom or just received a slice of Talladega County without his knowledge from the redistricting committee. He may not know we exist in Childersburg.

I am trying to make a point. Redistricting should make some sense! Look at the Alabama Senate district map.

I thought Jim McClendon was my state senator for awhile. Jim has answered every email from me! He has become my senator because he is there for me.

Jim McCllendon is a member of the redistricting committee. Please, Jim, put Childerburg in another district other than District 15.

I really think Sen. Dan Roberts would welcome eliminating Talladega County from his district. He could in a clear mind represent Shelby County, etc.

Don Stephens