Kevin Self selected to lead HVAC program

Kevin Self is the new HVAC instructor at Eden Career Tech Center.

ST. CLAIR COUNTY -- After a few years of not having an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) course at the Eden Career Tech Center, officials are bringing it back. 

And the instructor is a former student from Moody who learned all about HVAC at ECTC from 1988-90.

Kevin Self is excited about the HVAC course and about being the new instructor.

“Once I graduated high school, I got in the HVAC field, something I have done now for over 30 years,” Self said. “I got out of the classroom, started doing preventive maintenance for a company, and worked my way up the ladder to where I own my own heating and air conditioning company, which is 205 Heating and Cooling.”

Self said he just wants to teach HVAC to the kids today so maybe some can follow the same path he did.

“I’m real excited about it,” Self said. “College is a path for some students, but not for all students. A hands-on trade is something our industry needs. Not just heating and air, but electrical, welding, carpentry and everything offered here at ECTC. 

“The average age of our industry is 35 and up. The young youth are running out. If these kids will come in here and learn it, they can make a really good living. I hope to get them employable as soon as they get out of class.”

Self said there are about 15 students who have already shown interest in the class.

ECTC Director Trisha Turner said she was excited to start up the HVAC course again due to the high demand of workers needed.

“HVAC classes dwindled for years all over the state,” Turner said. “The classes were just not as important then as they are now. The employers do not have the trained workers they need to fill the HVAC positions. I am excited we have the opportunity to contribute to the workforce development and their needs.”

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